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We analyze the export industry in China by sourcing as well as different kinds of selling platforms.

Some of these products are currently popular worldwide while some are making stable sales; still some are made of new designs from suppliers.

We will give an in detail analysis of the characteristics of each product as your China sourcing service. You may not be interested in the products that we recommend, but we are sure that this will give inspiration to your sourcing plan.

We do our best to support all kinds of customers, different categories, different target markets, from low-price markets to high-value markets including Colombia, China, and U.S.A.

We specify different strategies according to different customer needs. We have a lot of experience on how to import and export from China and about the geographical distribution of products, price advantages, inspection and the rules in Chinese business.

We also have a large number of third-party industry resources for your chosen product, such as packing and printing factories. We recommend  to brand your products and make them stand out from others through private labelling and customizing your packing messages.