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With our experience in this industry for China sourcing, we provide a one-stop solution for importing and Exporting products from China.

We search for the right products, the best price as well as the best suppliers for China sourcing.

We do the inspection, customize the packages, coordinate orders from different suppliers and arrange your shipment for China sourcing.


Purchasing directly from Chinese wholesale market is the best choice for sure, as long as it is worthwhile for your business. You can personally touch, judge the quality, do multi-angle observation, and discover new products that you may not be able to see elsewhere. This is why we are a reliable China sourcing agent.

After decades of development, the Chinese wholesale market has a perfect production line. It almost meets all kinds of markets.

We are going to assist with all processes, from making an effective business trip plan, arranging your transportation and accommodations, recording the products that you will choose, consolidating the orders, doing the inspection to arranging the shipment.